E-Billing Solution(EBS)

EBS Payment Gateway:

EBS is the first Indian merchant account provider to achieve the PCI DSS Level 1 Standards of Compliance.  EBS  extension does not comes pre- installed with  your Mofluid Magento plugin. If you want to configure EBS in your Mofluid extension then follow below mentioned steps.

Steps to install Magento Extension Using Magento Connect :

  1. Sign into your Magento store admin panel.
  2. Navigate to System > Magento Connect > Magento Connect Manager.image03
  3. Now Sign into Magento Connect Manager.image02
  4. A window will open having two tabs Extensions and Settings. Now go to Setting  and select Magento Connect Channel Protocol as Ftp, Preferred State as Stable, Use custom permissions as No and Deployment Type as Local Filesystem, if Local file system Radio button is disabled then just give the 777 permission to your Magento Store whole folder Now just Click on Save Settings Button. image00-1024x576
  5. After saving settings click on Extension tab.Click on Upload package file under  Direct package file Upload section. You just need  to upload a tgz file package of the extension and then click on Upload button.image04image00
  6. Now Return to admin panel you will see that a EBS  extension is install on your Magento store.

Now Click on EBS menu  and following window will appear.


  1. Configuration :
  • Status : Select status of EBS. You can enable or disable it depending on your choice.
  • EBS Account ID : If you want to enable EBS with in your mobile app then enter EBS Account id here.
  • EBS Secret Key : Here enter EBS Secret key.
  • Mode : Select the mode of EBS either Test or Live.


After filling all the configuration click on save button on top right corner. Services enabled from Payment configuration in Magento panel  will be reflected as Mode of Payment for application.

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