How to​ Create​ Provisioning Profile

To generate iOS build using Phone gap credentials you need to generate provisioning profile for you application. You can simply generate Provisioning profile by following few simple steps:

1) Go to and login with your apple account credentials.

2) Click at Certificates, Identifiers & Profiles displayed at dashboard.


3) You will be directed to a page from where you can easily create provisioning profile for development or distribution application.


4) Now click at certificate and here development and distribution certificate added by you will appear along with their expiry date.image10

5) If you have purchased a new account you can add a certificate for development or production environment by clicking at + icon displayed in previous screen.

6) As per your need check production or development and click on continue button.



7) You will be ask to create a CSR (Certificate Signing Request) file. Click continue if you have CSR file.


Creating CSR (Certificate Signing Request):

a) This step must be performed once for every device you wish to test on. To generate the request, you can use the Keychain Access application located in the Applications/Utilities/ folder.


b) In the Keychain Access application, select the Keychain Access > Certificate Assistant menu and select Request a Certificate From a Certificate Authority.


c) In the Certificate Assistant window , enter your email address, check the Saved to disk radio button and check the Let me specify key pair information checkbox. Click Continue.


d) Choose a key size of 2048 bits and use the RSA algorithm. Click Continue.


e) You will be asked to save the request to a file. Use the default name suggested and click save.


8) Now you will be asked to import CSR file from your system and Click at Generate button.


9) Now you have successfully created certificate and you can download .cer file and save in your system.

Note : To export .cer file using Keychain access refer How to export iOS Certificate.

10) If if you are generating Provisioning profile for development application then you need to add App ID and devices for application.

11) Click at + icon and you will be directed to Register iOS App ID page where you can add App ID Description and Bundle ID and click on continue button to save Apple ID


12) Now to register a new device you can click at Devices title and click at + icon.

13) You will be directed to Registering a New Device or Multiple devices page where you can simply add Device name & UDID and click at continue to register a device.


14) Now go to Provisioning profile title and click at All . If you have earlier generated any provisioning profile it will appear here.

15) To generate new provisioning profile click at + icon .


16) You can create Development or Distribution provisioning profile depending on your requirement and select respective type and click at continue button.


17) Select App ID i.e Application ID for which you need to generate provisioning profile and click at Continue button.image11

18) Now select the certificates you wish to include in this provisioning profile and click the Continue button.


19) Now you can select devices for which you wish to include provisioning profile for development build and click at continue button.


20) Now you can add profile name for provisioning profile and click on Generate button


21) Provisioning profile will be generated successfully and can be downloaded by clicking at Download button.

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