Release Notes 1.15

This release note lists down the new features and fixes that we have done in this release:

New Feature:

1. Version upgrade of Cordova of Mofluid build Server from 3.5 to 3.6.3
2. Implementation of Grouped product type.
3. Custom attributes or options added for simple products now displayed on the cart page.
4. Improved layout for product detail and checkout page.
5. Clicking on the product added in the cart will take the user to the product detail page.
6. Customizable footer with clickable phone number, email ID and webpage URL.
7. Share feature implemented – Share the products using social networking apps.
8. Product rating displayed on the product detail page.
9. In-app payment for Paypal using Native SDK for android version.
10.Supports Owebia and almost all default Magento shipping methods.

Modern Theme – New Theme Launch:

1. Modern Theme – Improved user experience and new features.
2. Re-order functionality Implemented
3. Search option featuring on every page


1. Incorrect shipping method and search issue created due to multiple stores magento admin is fixed.
2. Managing the product quantity in the cart using spin box as well as by entering the 3. number directly in the text box using numeric keypad.
4. Price of any custom option is zero then “+0.00″ not be displayed in App.
5. Page reload issue fixed on selecting configurable options of products.

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