How to install .ipa file in iPhone device

1) Download .ipa file.
2) Open iTunes.
3) From the left side library panel, select Apps.


4) From top menu, select File >> Add to Library.

5) Select the downloaded .ipa file from corresponding location in the system.
6) Now connect your iPAD to the system.
7) You will see an option named iPad in the right side of the screen.Select that option.

8) On selecting iPad, you will see several options:

a) Summary
b) Info
c) Apps
d) Music
e) Movies
f) TV Shows
g) Photos
h) On this iPad
Also, the connected iPAD’s  device name is displayed.

image079) Now, select option named Apps from the top menu.
10) Select the App you want to install on your iPad and click on Apply (At bottom right of the screen.)
11) App will be installed in your iPad.You can use it.

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