Table Rate

The table rate shipping method let you calculate shipping rates for a combination of conditions using data that you can edit. The shipping rate is based on the following calculations:

1) Weight v. Destination
2) Price v. Destination
3) # of Items v. Destination

Only one set of table rate data can be active at any time. The data that is used to calculate the rate is prepared in a spreadsheet and imported into your store.

To Enable Table Rate , select Enabled field as Yes and provide the required details:


1) Title: Provide the suitable title.

2) Method Name: Method name is table rate by default. You may change it if required

3) Condition: In Table Rate, three kinds of conditions are available:
a) Weight vs. Destination
b) Price vs. Destination
c) No. of Items vs. Destination

4) Include virtual products in Price calculation: Choose Yes/No for including virtual products in Price calculation.

5) Handling Fee: Provide the Handling Fee if required. This fee will be added to shipping amount.

6) Displayed error message: Write the error message that you want to display in case of any error occurrence.

7)  Ship to Applicable Countries : Provide necessary details if you want Table rate shipping for All allowed countries or for Selected Countries.

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