Flat Rate

Flat rate refers to a pricing structure that charges a single fixed fee for shipping. Many online stores have an array of products of all different sizes and weights, and they ship them nationally or even globally. Others may still be growing or may not offer the same kind of variety across their products and may not have a relatively local customer base. In cases such as these there is an option to set up fixed shipping payments, rather than adding a third party shipping solution to your site.

To Enable Flat Rate select Enabled field as Yes and provide the required details.

1) Title: Provide the suitable title.

2) Method Name: Method name is Flat Rate by default. You may change it if required.

3) Type: Select the type per item or per order.

4) Price: Provide the price for this Flat Rate shipping method.

5) Handling Fee: Provide the handling fee if required. This fee will be added to shipping amount.

6) Displayed error message: Write the error message that you want to display in case of any error occurrence.

7) Ship to Applicable Countries : Provide details if you want Flat rate shipping for All allowed countries or for Selected Countries.

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