Adding Featured Product

The Featured Product is a product with an attribute added from the administrative UI. When the administrator selects “Yes” in the “Featured” attribute, that product will be displayed in a content block on the Application home page.

Creating new custom attribute called “Featured”

First of all you will have to create a custom attribute called “featured”. Go to Catalog => Manage Attribute => Add New and enter “featured” as attribute code. Choose Scope as “Global” or choose as per your website. Under Catalog Input Type choose “Yes/No” (you can not change this once an attribute is created).



On the right hand side under the “Attribute Information” just select “Manage Label / Options” and give it a name like “Featured” under admin input box. If you want to enable this for a particular store add the label in that column.


Finally, click Save button. Your new Featured product attribute is created and ready but before you see that in Product Catalog creation page you have to assign this newly created attribute to it’s proper place. Go to Catalog => Manage Attribute => Manage Attribute Sets Now you can see featured attribute under Unassigned Attributes, just drag it and place it in General section under visibility and click on Save Attribute Set button.


Now go to Catalog => Manage Products and Edit the product which you wish to mark asFeatured.

In General Section you will find an attribute called “Featured” just under visibility. Select yes from the drop down and click save. Product set as Featured product will appear on app to users on the application home page.


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