Sisow iDEAL

Sisow offers trusted online payment options. Sisow payment gateway supports iDeal payment method which offers a list of well known banks to make the payment for your online purchases.
Customers have rated Sisow one of the fastest and yet simple payment solution in Netherlands. To get Sisow on your mobile app you just have to install this add-on with Mofluid extension on your Magento website.


Status : Payment method appear in App when selected as Enabled.
Sisow Merchant ID : If you want to enable Sisow iDEAL with in your mobile app then enter Sisow iDEAL merchant id here.
Sisow Merchant Key : Here enter merchant key shared by Sisow.
Mode : Select the mode of Sisow iDEAL either Test or Live as per details entered in Merchant id and key.


After filling all the configuration click on save button on top right corner. Services enabled from Payment configuration in Magento panel will be reflected as Mode of Payment for application

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