Citrus Pay

Citrus Pay allows you to accept payments from customers with Currency selected as INR.
Citrus bring to the table the complete stack of payment architecture and much more.

A few key things being:
1) A super charged SaaS platform built to handle the unique needs of emerging markets
2) India’s best smartphone-centric payment solutions
3) India ’s most popular online consumer wallet
4) Comprehensive payment processing for all popular Indian payment modes
Constant innovation is the norm at Citrus Pay as it streamlines checkout flows, promises absolute security for consumers, guarantees great payment services to thousands of merchants, handles millions of transactions per month, and optimizes online purchases for the modern smartphone and tablet wielding Indian consumer.

Configuration :

Status : Payment method appear in App when selected as Enabled.
Citrus Merchant API Key : If you want to enable Citrus Pay with in your mobile app then enter Citrus Merchant API Key here.
Citrus Merchant Vanity URL : Enter Citrus Merchant Vanity URL.
Mode : Select the mode of Citrus Pay either Test or Live as per details entered in Merchant key and vanity URL.



After filling all the configuration click on save button on top right corner. Services enabled from Payment configuration in Magento panel will be reflected as Mode of Payment for application

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