Configure and Generate iOS Application

How to​ Configure and Generate​ iOS Build

1.Open Magento admin panel, and get login.
2.From Magento admin panel, select Mofluid>>Download Build>>Android

Build3.From the left side panel, select the Account Credentials and provide the necessary details.image05

4) In Account Credentials section, provide the details:

a) Mofluid credentials : It includes the Mofluid Username and Mofluid Passwordimage00

  • Mofluid Username :

For Pro Version: Provide your email address which is registered on
For Free Version: Provide your email id.

  • Mofluid Password:

For Pro Version: Provide the password by which you must have registered in

For Free Version: Make sure you must enter the password – freemofluid.

b) Phonegap Build Credentials

It includes Phonegap Build Username and Password.

Phonegap Build Username: Provide the Username of Phonegap Build account.If you are not having the Phonegap Build account please create an account and provide its Username. To create an account or to know more about Phonegap Build Account please visit Phonegap Build.

Phonegap Build Password: If you are having with the Phonegap Build account or after creating an account, please provide here the corresponding Password to your Phonegap Build account.image04

  • iOS Certificates : In this section, you need to provide the corresponding Certificate and Provisioning profile for your App.

iOS Certificates : Upload your iOS Developer Account Certificate with its private key. You can obtain this by exporting your certificate and private key pair from your Mac OS X Keychain.

Passphrase : While exporting your certificate, you need to provide a Passphrase.Please share that Passphrase here.

Certificate Type : Select the type of Build you want to generate:

Development: If you have shared Development Certificate and Provisioning Profile,and selected Development as your Certificate Type, Build will be genrated for Development.

Production: If you select Production as your Certificate Type and shared the Distribution/Production Certificate and Provisioning Profile, the build will be generated for Production, i.e. which can be used to release in iTune App store.

Provisioning Profile : Upload your Provisioning profile:

Development: For development purpose, upload your Development provisioning profile that contains correct bundle ID and all the device UDIDs.

Production: For production purpose, make sure, the provisioning profile must have correct bundle ID.image09

5) From the left side panel, select the Build Configuration and provide the necessary details.image02

  • Application Configuration

In this section, provide the following details:

Application Name: Enter your mobile application name.

Application’s Bundle ID: Enter your mobile application’s bundle ID. This bundle ID is used to identify your App uniquely. The nomenclature for this is used as the reverse domain, eg. com.mofluid.appname

Version: Enter the Version number for your mobile App.

Store: Select your available Magento Store.It is to be noted that App will work for a single store only.image07b) Default Currency

In this section, select Default Currency for your App.It must be same as set inSystem>>Configuration>>General>>Currency Setup>>Currency Options>>Default Display Currency.

c) Mobile App Theme Setupimage08

In this section, select the Theme for your mobile App.

6) From the left side panel, select the Application’s Assets.image03

In this section, you have to select and upload the corresponding Icons, Splash Screens and Other images for your mobile. To know more, visit Application’s Assets.

7) After setting all the required details in Mofluid Build iOS section, you will be able to generate the iOS Build for your App.

At the top-right, there are three options available as you can see in below screenshot.Magento 1

  1. Onclick Reset, it will reset all the entries with default or previously saved content.
  2. Onclick Save Details, your new details in corresponding entries will get saved.
  3. Onclick Generate App, you will receive the iOS Build for your mobile App via email. Build will be sent to your registered email (i.e the Mofluid Username you have entered in Account Credentials section).
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