Mofluid Theme – Installation Guide

Magento Plugin are simply great way of adding new features and functionality to your Magento powered stores. To install our Mofluid Theme plugin from magento connect you simply need a plugin .tgz file.

Once you obtain the plugin .tgz file from our Mofluid Team , follow the instructions below to install the Theme plugin to your site.

Steps to install Mofluid Theme Using Magento Connect

1. Sign into your Magento store admin panel.

2. Navigate to System > Magento Connect > Magento Connect Manager.


3. Now Sign into Magento Connect Manager.


4. A window will open having two tabs Extensions and Settings. Now go to Setting select Magento Connect Channel Protocol as Ftp, Preferred State as Stable, Use custom permissions as No and Deployment Type as Local Filesystem, if Local file system Radio button is disabled then just give the 777 permission to your Magento Store whole folder Now just Click on Save Settings Button.


5. If you want to put your store on the maintenance mode while installing the Extension then check the Put store on the maintenance mode while installing/upgrading/backup creation checkbox(Optional Step).

6. After saving settings click on Extension tab here in Direct package file Upload section you just have to upload a tgz file package of the extension and then click on Upload button.



7. Now Return to admin panel you will see that a new Mofluid Theme is install on your Magento store.


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