How To Develop Android and iOS Build From Source Code

Android Build Development

Requirements : Eclipse, Java, Apache, Cordova

Install the following Softwares in order to Develop an Android Application.

Eclipse :
You can download it from :
Java :
You can download it from :
Apache ANT :
You can download it from :
Cordova :
You can download it from :

1.After installing the above Softwares simply open Eclipse IDE in your System, and follow the steps as :
2.Click on File -> New -> Others.
Picture 1
3.Under Android Select Android Project from Existing Code.
4.Click on Next Button.
5.Click on Browse Button to select your app code.
6.Navigate to platforms folder and then Click on Open Button.
7.Click on Finish Button, to open the code.
8.The Complete mobile code would be opened as shown below.
9.You can click on the Arrow near your Project name to see the list of files that are available in a mobile app code.
10. Simply navigate to Assets to change the file you want. Once you are finished with changing the contents of the code.
11. Select the Project Name from Package Explorer, as shown in the image below.
12. Right Click and then Select Export.
13.Under Android select Export Android Application.
14. Give a name to your Exported Project.
15. Add the Keystore Files that you got with your mobile app code.
16. Fill in the entries.
17. Select the path where your app would be stored. Click on Finish Button to generate the App with .apk extension.
18. Now you can simply mail this app to anyone who can download the app and run it in his mobile device.

Generate Android Build via Terminal :

1.If you want to generate the Android Build via Terminal, simply Open the Terminal.
2.Navigate to the Code where your Project is placed.
3.Navigate to .
4.Run the following command, but make sure that platforms folder is visible over here : sudo cordova build android
5. Android Build would be generated, and would be stored at the following location: /platforms/android/ant-build/-debug.apk
6. Android Build Created.

iOS Build Development

Generating iOS Build Development (Testing)

Requirements : Mac System, Xcode
1.Download Xcode to generate an iOS App.
2.Once Xcode is installed, simply navigate to the path where you project is kept.
3.Navigate to <Project_Name> -> platforms -> ios -> <Project_Name>.xcodeproj and right click and select Open With Xcode.
4.Xcode would open with the project files.
5.Click on the arrow button near your Project Name.
6.Click on Staging to open the files for your project.
7.Here you will see the list of files that are used to make your iOS Application.
8.You can edit any of them as per your needs.
9.Once you are finished with editing, simply plugin your device through a USB Cable.
10.You will notice that your device name would appear at the top.
11.If you have the Provisioning Profile with you, then Double Click on your Provisioning Profile, your Provisioning Profile has been added in Xcode.
12.Open your Certificate File that you have got under Key Chain.
13.Click on the Arrow. Select Both the Files and then Right Click on it and select Export 2 Items.
14.Name your Certificate.
15.Select your Project under Xcode, and click on General Tab. Fill in the required entries.
16.Select Build Settings under the same tab.
17.Scroll down to Code Signing Section and select Provisioning Profile that you have added right now from the drop down.
18.Then select the Certificates that you have added.
19.Select your Device name in Xcode and click on Play Button to Install the iOS App into your device.
20.iOS App would be installed in the Device.

Generating iOS Build Production (Release)

1.Follow the same steps from 1 – 18 of Generating iOS Build Development (Testing).
2.After completing all the above 18 steps.
3.Select iOS Device from the Top.
4.Click on Product Menu at the Top in Xcode, and select Clean from it.
5.An alert for Clean Successful would appear on the screen.
6.Again, click on Product Menu and select Build.
7.You can see the Build Progress at the top of Xcode in the Progress Bar.
8.Once the Build is generated, again alert message would be displayed as Build Succeeded.
9.Click on Show the Project Manager at the top.
10.Now Click on the Arrow just before your Project Title.
11.You would be able to see a list of files that are under your project.
12.Scroll down to Products folder and click on the Arrow.
13.You would see a .app file followed by your Project Name.
14.Now press Windows + Spacebar and Type iTunes in it and press Enter.
15.Open iTunes.
16.Drag and Drop your .app file in Xcode to iTunes as shown below.
17.Your app would be added in iTunes.
18.Select your Project and right click and select Show In Finder.
19.Now you have generated a .ipa file that is ready to be released on the App Store.

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