Release 1.12 (30-10-14)

This release note lists down the New Features, Bug Fixes and Open Issues that we have done in this release:

New Features:

1. Generate iOS App Build instantly using Phonegap Build Account.
2. All Mofluid mails are send through Mandrill Api.
3. Phonegap version has been upgraded from 3.3 to 3.6.3 for Mofluid Mobile App

Bug fixes:

1. Table Rate Shipping Method Issue
2. Update Mofluid Admin UI structure at Magento site to easily configure iOS and Android.
3. Text displayed for title “All Products” should be customized from admin panel
4. When user search for a random key word keyword {{serachstring}} appears on result page.
5. Account credentials tab – Display helptext for title “Mofluid Username”.

Open Cases:

1. Custom options are not supported for configurable product type.
2. Mofluid does not Support Tax and Tax Rules.

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