Release 1.10.2 (08-14-2014)

This release note lists down the Features and  Fixed issues for the Mofluid Magento Mobile App  Builder Plugin that we have done in this release:    


1) Theme ­ Mofluid Elegant Theme  

2) Payment Methods supported :  

i) COD (Cash On Delivery)  

ii) Paypal   iii) Authorize.Net  

iv) Bank Transfer  

3) Push Notification  

4)Option to save billing and shipping address on address book    

Fixed Issues:    

1) Keywords Search for products  

2) Order status when changed to completed from admin panel quantity of product become zero in  Application  

3) Coupon code issues fixed.  

4) Default country enabled from admin panel not displayed in billing and shipping address for Application.  

5) Mode of payment not displayed in My Orders for Application  

6) Build Generation issue in case of table prefix.    

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